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The birthday playlist:

bolt thrower - war master; warmaster; (earache)

dying fetus - unleashed upon mankind; history repeats…; (relapse)

rottrevore - dismal fate; iniquitous; (drowned)

seance - haunted; fornever laid to rest; (black mark)

cruciamentum - convocation of crawling chaos; (self-released)

primordial - no grave deep enough; redemption at the puritan’s hand; (metal blade)

rotting christ - exiled archangels; thy mighty contract; (osmose)

eminenz - marduk; eminenz; (mirquidi) — REQUEST

marduk - imago mortis; room 5:12; (blooddawn)

funebrarum - grave reaper; the sleep of morbid dreams; (cyclone empire)

cannabis corpse - chronolith; tube of the resinated; (forcefield)

the faceless - the ancient covenant; planetary duality; (sumerian)

agalloch - i am the wooden doors; the mantle; (the end) — REQUEST

covenant - bringer of the sixth sun; nexus polaris; (nuclear blast)

pavor - dilettante’s dilemma; furioso; (imperator)

necrophagia - trick r’ treat (the last halloween); deathtrip 69; (season of mist)

mael mordha - the doom of the races of eire; manannan; (grau)

arkona - nikogda; slovo; (napalm)

dark lunacy - now is forever; the diarist; (fuel)

slayer - angel of death; reign in blood; (def jam) — REQUEST


The 8/15 playlist:

cerebral bore - maniacal miscreation; maniacal miscreation; (earache)

septicflesh - communion; communion; (season of mist)

triptykon - a thousand lies; eparistera daimones; (prowlin’ death)

exhumed - i rot within; all guts, no glory; (relapse)

arsis - the face of my innocence; a celebration of guilt; (willowtip)

kampfar - bergtatt; mare; (napalm)

ahab - old thunder; the call of the wretched sea; (napalm)

neuraxis - asylum; asylon; (prosthetic)

strydegor - ragnarok; back on ancient traces; (ccp)

behold! the living corpse - the deadly swarm; s/t; (land o smiles)

entombed - stranger aeons; clandestine; (earache)

suffocation - pierced from within; pierced from within; (roadrunner)

gojira - oroborus; the way of all flesh; (listenable) — REQUEST

dornenreich - hasses freigang; nicht um zu sterben; (ccp) — REQUEST

leviathan - the sinking; verrater-krankheit; (tumult)

garden of shadows - twilight odyssey; oracle moon; (wicked world)

in mourning - past october skies (the black lodge revisited); shrouded divine; (aftermath)

phlebotomized - mellow are the reverberations; immense intense suspense; (cyber)


The 7/25 playlist:

intestine baalism - agony in the stone chamber; ultimate instinct; (no colours)

1349 - atomic chapel; demonoir; (indie)

belphegor - veneratio diaboli-i am sin; walpurgis rites: hexenwahn; (nuclear blast)

enslaved - hordalendingen; eld; (osmose)

naglfar - through the midnight spheres; vittra; (wrong again)

dragonlord - the becoming of; black wings of destiny; (escapi)

dragonlord - the curse of woe; black wings of destiny; (escapi)

acid witch - the black witch; witchtanic hellucinations; (razorback) — REQUEST

melechesh - purifier of the stars; sphynx; (osmose)

garden of shadows - oracle moon; oracle moon; (wicked world)

aeba - as wolf among sheep; shemhamforash- des hasses ant; (twilight vertrieb) — REQUEST

dunkelgrafen - mythos vlad tepes dracul; oris diabolis; (mirquidi) — REQUEST

tyr - stargazer; the lay of thrym; (napalm) — REQUEST

darkest hour - savor the kill; the human romance; (e1)

black sabbath - black sabbath; black sabbath; (vertigo) — REQUEST

krisiun - combustion inferno; southern storm; (century media)

the axis of perdition - the flesh spiral; tenements (of the anointed flesh); (code666)

callenish circle - suffer my disbelief; flesh power dominion; (metal blade) — REQUEST


The 8/1 playlist:

kalmah - dead man’s shadow; for the revolution; (spinefarm)

moonspell - moon in mercury; night eternal; (steamhammer)

lykathea aflame - land where sympathy is air; elvenfris; (obscene)

astarte - thorns of charon pt. 1 - astarte’s call; doomed dark years; (black lotus) — REQUEST

disarmonia mundi - burning cells; nebularium; (self-released)

kataklysm - bound in chains; shadows & dust; (nuclear blast)

weakling - cut their grain and place fire therein; dead as dreams; (tumult)

vreid - disciplined; milorg; (indie)

cradle of filth -  queen of winter, throned; v empire or dark faery tales in phallustein; (cacophonous)

holymarsh - in the holy marsh; in the holy marsh; (jusin)

cannibal corpse - the pick-axe murders; the bleeding; (metal blade) — REQUEST

krallice - autocthon; dimensional bleedthrough; (profound lore)

disillusion - the porter-a lament; the porter (single); (voice of life)

the elysian fields - as one; adelain; (unisound)

darkthrone - to walk the infernal fields; under a funeral moon; (peaceville)

indian - no grace; guiltless; (relapse)

potentiam - chameleon; years in the shadows; (schwarzdon)


Special guest DJ Spencer, hailing from the infernal metal outlands of the Bronx. The 7/18 playlist:

1. primordial - the golden spiral; the gathering wilderness; (metal blade)

2. bathory - holocaust; blood fire death; (black mark)

3. burn to black - hellspell; mach 666; (urgent)

4. destruction - dissatisfied existence; release from agony; (steamhammer)

5. carcass - corporal jigsore quandary; necroticism: descanting the insalubrious; (earache)

6. cryptopsy - dead and dripping; none so vile; (wrong again)

7. meshuggah - stengah; nothing; (nuclear blast)

8. nile - hittite dung incantation; those whom the gods detest; (nuclear blast)

9. origin - wrath of vishnu; antithesis; (relapse)

10. obscura - ocean gateways; omnivium; (relapse)

11. blood revolt - dead city stare; indoctrine; (profound lore)

12. gojira - clone; terra incognita; (gabriel)

13. repulsion - the stench of burning death; horrified; (necrosis)

14. revocation - deathonomics; existence is futile; (relapse)

15. death - flattening of emotions; human; (relativity)

16. behemoth - antichristian phenomenon; thelema 6; (avantgarde)

17. sadus - good rid’nz; swallowed in black; (roadrunner)

18. quo vadis - silence calls the storm; defiant imagination; (fusion3)

19. the ruins of beverast - i raised this stone as a ghastly memorial; foulest semen of a sheltered elite; (van)

20. celtic frost - innocence and wrath / usurper; to mega therion; (combat)

21. exorbitance - beneath the storm; in this nightmare; (self-released)

22. dying fetus - homicidal retribution; war of attrition; (relapse) — REQUEST

23. slayer - spirit in black; seasons in the abyss; (def american) — REQUEST

24. septic flesh - vampire of nazareth; the great mass; (season of mist)

25. cro-mags - malfunction; age of quarrel; (profile) — REQUEST

26. pelican - march to the sea; the fire in our throats will beckon the thaw; (hydra head) — REQUEST

27. assuck - october revolution; anticapital; (sound pollution) — REQUEST

28. iron maiden - duelists; powerslave; (emi)

29. iced earth - desert rain; night of the stormrider; (century media)

Photo Set

Children of Bodom concert pics, with special guests Obscura and Devin Townsend


fanmail from prison


3 more hours of bad-assery:

1. death - zombie ritual; scream bloody gore; (combat); 1987

2. baphomet - valley of the dead; the dead shall inherit; (peaceville); 1992

3. necrophagia - mental decay; season of the dead; (new renaissance); 1987

4. carcass - embryonic necropsy and devourment; symphonies of sickness; (earache); 1989

5. vomiturition - a leftover; a leftover; (invasion); 1995

6. dominus - view to the dim; a view to the dim; (rrs); 1994

7. internal decay - to each his own pain; a forgotten dream; (eurorecords); 1993

8. antropomorphia - crack the casket; necromantic love songs; (blackened); 1993

9. ripping corpse - dreaming with the dead; dreaming with the dead; (maze); 1991

10. krabathor - forget the gods; cool mortification; (monitor); 1993

11. cianide - mindscrape; the dying truth; (grind core); 1992

12. illdisposed - reversed; four depressive seasons; (progress); 1993

13. sinister - doomed; cross the styx; (nuclear blast); 1992

14. edge of sanity - darkday; the spectral sorrows; (black mark); 1993

15. seance - reincarnage; fornever laid to rest; (black mark); 1992

16. massacre - defeat remains; from beyond; (earache); 1991

17. nembrionic - kill them; psycho one hundred; (displeased); 1995

18. nembrionic - coffin on coffin; psycho one hundred; (displeased); 1995

19. revenant - asphyxiated times; prophecies of a dying world; (nuclear blast); 1991

20. desecrator - ineffectual condition; subconscious release; (rkt); 1991

21. my dying bride - the grief of age; towards the sinister; (self-released); 1990

22. cynic - the eagle nature; focus; (roadrunner); 1993

23. winter - servants of the warsmen; into darkness; (future shock); 1990

24. thanatos - outward of the inward; emerging from the netherworlds; (shark); 1990

25. hypocrisy - to escape is to die; penetralia; (nuclear blast); 1992

26. convulse - world without god; world without god; (thrash); 1992

27. autopsy - charred remains; severed survival; (peaceville); 1989

28. cancer - c.f.c.; to the gory end; (vinyl solution); 1990

29. suffocation - infecting the crypts; effigy of the forgotten; (roadrunner); 1991

30. carnage - torn apart; dark recollections; (necrosis); 1990

31. bolt thrower - world eater; realm of chaos; (earache); 1989

32. entombed - bitter loss; left hand path; (earache); 1990

33. burial - the second coming; relinquished souls; (west virginia); 1993

34. belial - the invocation; wisdom of darkness; (lethat); 1992


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3+ hours of soul crushing head-banging brutality, old school style:

1. possessed - death metal; seven churches; (combat); 1985

2. disincarnate - deadspawn; dreams of the carrion king; (roadrunner); 1993

3. master - used; on the seventh day god created… master; (nuclear blast); 1991

4. wombbath - corporal punishment; internal caustic torrents; (thrash); 1993

5. insanity - fire death fate; death after death; (mbr); 1994

 6. sororicide - the entity; the entity; (platonic); 1991

7. demigod - as i behold i despise; slumber of sullen eyes; (drowned); 1992

8. deicide - holy deception; legion; (roadrunner); 1992

9. morbid angel - maze of torment; altars of madness; (earache); 1989

10. mangled torsos - drawings of the dead; drawings of the dead; (morbid); 1994

11. cannibal corpse - staring through the eyes of the dead; the bleeding; (metal blade); 1994

12. moondark - dimensions of darkness; the shadowpath; (dreamtide); 1993

13. septic flesh - rain; esoptron; (holy); 1995

14. deceased - decrepit coma; luck of the corpse; (relapse); 1990

15. slayer - south of heaven; south of heaven; (def jam); 1988

16. immolation - into everlasting fire; dawn of possession; (roadrunner); 1991

17. funebre - grip of insanity; children of the scorn; (spinefarm); 1991

18. atheist - no truth; piece of time; (active); 1989

19. purtenance - black vision; member of immortal damnation; (drowned); 1992

20. cryptopsy - open face surgery; blasphemy made flesh; (invasion); 1994

21. adramelech - book of the worm; psychostasia; (repulse); 1996

22. uncanny - timeless; splenium for nyktophobia; (unisound); 1993

23. fleshcrawl - phrenetic tendencies; descend into the absurd; (black mark); 1992

24. celtic frost - jewel throne; to mega therion; (combat); 1985

25. bolt thrower - world eater; realm of chaos; (earache); 1989

26. timeghoul - the siege; tumultuous travelings; (self-released); 1992

27. nile - wrought; festivals of atonement; (anubis); 1995

28. death - defensive personalities; spiritual healing; (combat); 1990

29. phantasm - a soul’s nightmare; the abominable; (death trap); 1995

30. obituary - slowly we rot; slowly we rot; (roadrunner); 1989

31. rottrevore - incompetent secondary; iniquitous; (drowned); 1993

32. unanimated - i die alone; ancient evil; (no fashion); 1994

33. depravity - sleepy ocean; silence of the centuries; (adipocere); 1993

Thanks to everyone who called in with requests! Thanks for tuning in everyone else!

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